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I just got the BEST BLOWJOB of my life… EXACTLY the way I like it.

This eBook teaches the complete How To Self Suck: EVERYTHING you need to know from start to finish. Complete with video tutorials!

  • Quick Steps! Start Now!
  • Step by Step action to get right to it!
  • Training Videos for easy quick start!
  • SelfSuck Videos.
  • Preparation Keys.
  • Positions Need to Know.
  • Video Training Must-haves.
  • Nutrition Know How.
  • Stretches for Fastest Results.
  • Anything and everything needed to make it happen!

Guaranteed: Sexual Freedom, Self-Satisfaction, Confidence while developing Full Body Health!

Can you do it on your own? How far have you gotten so far?




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B.S.! NO WAY It’s Possible…

When I started looking into autofellatio, trust me, it was tough; there was no real information. I mean, who is actually serious about it? (Far more than you’d think). If you’ve ever heard an autofellatio discussion, the first response is usually “If I could suck myself, I’d never leave the house!” It’s pretty obvious how that little comment reveals what people really think about it, even if disguised as a joke.

SO, if you’re looking at autofellatio for real, you’re At The Right Place! You’ve either gotten lucky and found this quickly, or searched all over and found nothing. Believe it or not, I’ve taken years of personal experience fused with even longer researching through countless scraps of information to build The Complete Self Suck How To Guide. Nowhere else is there a complete start to finish guidebook of the entire process, including:

  • Quick Steps
  • Step by Step
  • Preparation
  • Positions
  • Video training
  • Nutrition
  • Stretches & Exercises
  • Anything and everything needed to make it happen!

This eBook is jam-packed with all the information necessary to get you there the quickest, fastest, easiest way possible (and safest!)  So, now that we know you WANT to do it… icon wink How To Self Suck Home


Think you’ve got what it takes? Your chance of being able to SelfSuck relies on:

  • Penis Size: Let’s just start with this, cause its everyone’s first (secret) question. As of now, my length is slightly more than 5¾ inches. As of now, my lips reach down about 4-5? of it. So unless your penis is shorter than ¾”, you’ll be able to do whatever your lover can do, but even better because you’ll know exactly how you like it!
  • Physical Size: I’m 5’8?, and my weight is 170-180, depending on how well fed I am. I’ve talked with guys who are quite short all the way up to 6’3? who are now capable of doing as good a job on themselves as their lovers can, all from using this info that I put in the Guide. When I started, I was a little heavier and I’ve always been able to stretch a little more than most guys, just toe-touching in PE class kinda thing. So you can have more fun by yourself & become more attractive at the same time! Weight is an issue, though the more you work at it, the slimmer you’ll get. A gut is troublesome, though some guys it doesn’t slow them down at all, and you’ll lose your gut as you work this routine!
  • Flexibility: I have always been able to touch to my toes perhaps slightly more than most guys. I was never double jointed, and never was a contortionist nor spent a lot of time stretching. I have actually spent most of my time doing desk jobs. So none of these things have helped me be more flexible. But as of now, after performing the startup routine in the Manual, I can sometimes reach my mouth as far as the base of my pelvis. That means the whole sausage, so to speak; I’m never out of sorts if I don’t have a woman around, as you might have guessed!
  • Sexuality: Autofellatio is regarded as masturbation by the Psychology community.  Major studies that have been done to test gender attraction show that most people are from 70%-90% hetero. That means the majority of normal people have a 25% sexual interest in their same sex. Odds are that you are one of these people that have some small interest in same-sexuality, and that its perfectly normal. So, autofellatio lets you experiment with the natural and normal desires that everyone has.

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