How To SelfSuck:

If you want to know how to selfsuck, it might be exciting to “get right down to it”. But a little preparation can make the experience or make it terrible. Also, this is intense exercise and can damage the body very badly if done wrong. (Photos in the Manual.)

The 8 Step Method:

  • Attention to your body’s feeling is of the absolute, utmost importance. If something starts to hurt, STOP.
  • Attempt this after a long day of physical labor or movement. The body will be far more relaxed and open to this intense exercise.
  • When starting out, take your time as much as necessary. Play on the safe side. Don’t use drugs/excessive alcohol as they will impair noticing if you are about to damage your body.
  1. Do a Long “Reach for the Sky” Stretch, Relax, Repeat .
  2. Do a Series of Long, Slow “Touch your Toes”, dipping your head as deeply into your thighs as possible each time. Hold the stretch deeply while in it, then relax completely when you come out of it.
  3. Take the hottest bath/sauna possible for as long as possible.
  4. Stretch in every way you know of for as long as possible. Hands, Feet, Pelvis, Back, Neck, Knees, Calves, everything is interlinked. The more you stretch, the greater the chances.
  5. Be extremely well hydrated, having drank water & electrolytes for the previous 24 hours.
  6. Don’t have food in your belly.
  7. forward bend 236x300 How to Selfsuck

    How to Selfsuck – Warmup Touch your Toes

    Put a comfortable room temperature and put a fan on you to have a light breeze (better than A/C, which will contract your muscles).

  8. Slowly take your Time, slowly but surely. That’s why its the Turtle Method.

This is Intense Physical Exercise. The Manual “How to SelfSuck is worth its weight in Gold if you’re truly interested in this.

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Paul C.: Hi Joe, if anyone is serious about learning how to self suck, they really need your book. The section ouro, on stretching and release is the best. it has helped me greatly. Getting to the place where you can suck yourself to orgasm without effort js heaven. Then there is the joy of being able to swallow your cum, that I really enjoy! Thanks again for a really great book. P.S. We can not forget the health benefits.

M.C.: Your eBook for how to self suck is great, its simple and to the point. The information and exercises you researched are workable and make sense. So far, after doing your protocol, I can reach slightly past the head of my penis.

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