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I secretly began fantasizing about sucking on myself after a few girlfriends were so into it. They would be going down on me, at first in the normal way that a girl will, tentatively and a bit shy. There were points where, I would be watching their face well they were doing it, and she would switch into being very very excited. She would be slurping at it and going deeper and deeper with spit listening all over her lips. And instead of looking at me, sadly wondering what I wanted, she would the wide-eyed and wild. Pushing herself as deep down the with as she could, compressing it in the back of her throat, her eyes bulging and Jolla wide as she coughed and choked after going to deeply. It was like watching her enter a whole new world, him him him him him where she became so intense and turned on that she entered a whole new place, one filled with lust and him and him overwhelmed by just being stuffed with me.

I would water with fascination and intrigue as she got so wild and seems to completely forget about me except of course the part of me that she was so deeply engaged with him. After watching her reach a whole new world, I would find myself fantasizing about wanting to be doing what she was doing. But, I had no desire to be with a guy, so I was a bit stuck. I would be masturbating, thinking about her going wild on the, and watching myself glisten and so hard just inches away from being able to do it myself. The first day that I could lick it I was so surprised, the shiny pre-come salty and sweet and silky on my tongue. It was such a turn on that I quickly burst, squirting in the my mouth and on my lips and cheeks, all the while feeling that it must be the way she felt when she did it so many times to me. I knew then that I had a secret that I was keeping from her, and that I felt so guilty. I knew I would have to tell her, and the mounting exhilaration of knowing that I was too excited to not do it, if I ever could reach.

That girl and I broke up, and I was heartbroken. She was sexually amazing, and I missed her a lot. So I would end up thinking about her while masturbating, and be so turned on remembering her pushing herself down on my c*** that was so hard and juicy right in front of me. Now lien down, and the longer I tried the more that soft cushiony skin over my hard c*** would finally touch my lips a little more and more.

Months went by, with pictures of her smiling beautiful face in front of me, and I felt that wild side starts take over, because at this point the head of that long-awaited goal was thick and pulsing in my mouth. It’s warmth would spill and juicy salty wetness and flood my tongue and mouth, and I could rub the tip and head where it came out with my own tongue. And the turn on was exhilarating. Tenant would suck on it and rub the underside with the underside of my tongue and licked the sensitive hot head well I fell hard rush, for me and would be unable to think, just slurp and lick the way she did. But it was just a little bit of it in my mouth, and I wanted more. At that point, it would only last moments before the come would spill in shoot in the my mouth, and felt so natural and giving to myself, like feeding the energy back into me instead of just letting it go into my hand.

Did I mention that she lived next door? I saw her one day through my bedroom window, on her newly built porch and felt the rush come over me that she always used give me. I texted her this: you are such a goddess, that cast such a spell on me, all this time has been teaching me how you felt. I finally know how you felt, if you want to see me. Of course, I meant that dirty secret that she had left me with.

I was so hard and turned on, just the chair I was sitting in I just bent down while removing my pants. My c*** sprung out and touched my lips, already salty, and I licked and kissed at it the way she would have, with my eyes closed and fantasizing of her doing it. It was easier to reach than before, and I spread my knees deeper apart, and reached beneath the chair. I sucked it into my mouth, the big head spreading my job as I fantasized that it was her. The fantasy turned me on, and I fill my butt release and coil more into my mouth. Another inch came in and I felt my jaw spread is the head slipped further back onto my tongue. I felt the shaft in my lips, and I knew that at this point, I truly was giving a blow job like never before. The stigma and guilt was exhilarating, overwriting my mind sphere of it. And the excitement pushed a little more deeply into my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw that half of it was in their. I moved one of my hands to reach around the back of my thigh, moving and pulling it closer to me, while gripping my balls to target and play with them and add to the feeling, the way that she would have. And I felt her wildness start come over me as I lifted and thrust my head down onto myself. I have never had something in my mouth like that, and my fantasy of her being there was driving me crazy, as she was not.

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I heard a noise, and lifted my eyes to the door that she had come through many times before, and she was standing there with that beautiful mouth open and eyes wide on me, looking just the way she had so many times when it was her mouth that my c*** had been in. I panicked and froze, only then realizing that it was only prolonging the picture for her to be absolutely sure that’s I was really doing what I was doing. I knew she would leave, perhaps in fear were disgust or embarrassment. But for a moment her beautiful face was there, and my fantasy was true, and the wildness still had me and I thrust my mouth down on it even deeper. The feeling was exhilarating, with the amazement of my mouth finally being full, the head pushing into the back of my throat, the silky salt wetness imbibing my mouth, and her beautiful face watching me. Our eyes were locked and I saw her body shiver, and her mouth relax from shock to awe. I tugged my balls and moaned, pre-c** spilling into my mouth. Her hands dropped, one subconsciously nearing her thighs, her palm resting on the inside and moving slightly. I watched it, her round wonderful hips like a circle around the woman heart of her p****. I moaned again in wishes of its ocean aroma and pansy petal lips to touch my face and c*** while she was watching me the way she was. I lifted my head off on my c***, fingers encircling it as I rubbed its wooden hardness against my lips and face. It’s slickness smoothly wiped over me, the cushiony silk skin feeling like her p**** on my face. She stepped into the door, slim lips coming back together into a set confidence, her other hand pulling the buttons through her shirt. The wildness pushed me down onto my c*** again, as her face neared and gorgeous tits and puffy aereola brought me deeper into my mouth. She kissed my lips, the exposed shaft feeling her bottom lip rub it as it slid back out. I kissed her more fully my saltiness transferring to her lips, the stiff head of my c*** compressed between our cheeks. She took my shaft in her hand, sliding it between her lips kissing both sides of it, hers on one side and mine on the other. I licked my c***, and across to her lips, as her tongue came out to meet mine. She pushed her lips down on the head, and I moaned while licking the shaft and hers lips where they met my shaft. She quickly moved to have it deeply down in her throat, more than I had, her eyes wild again and back to watching me, but with that shyness again, wanting to please me. I saw that she was afraid to disappoint me, now that she knew I might do it better than her. I felt an impish grin come to my face, the desire to take advantage of her fear and convince her to suck on me the way she used to. “Just let me suck while you kiss me and push your breasts on my c*** and face” I said, knowing it would make her jealous. She complied, and I watched her face grow more and more jealous and strained as her hand went to her p**** with my c*** in her other hand holding for me. It wasn’t long before she was pushing her p**** against my shaft, her wetness taste mixing with mine. She fought my mouth for my c***, pushing me off that at times as she brought herself down and whimpered as she opened up for it inside. I felt her gushing juices cascade down my shaft and lips, little squirts of her orgasm warm on my face and cheeks. The intensity had long been overwhelming, on the edge of feeling like some lightning white energy would rush from the top of my head down the back of my spine, my ass, exploding come through my tip. She saw me, lifting herself off my c*** and down again, so turned on that she was open enough to fully take me in her ass. I felt my balls tightening, they come moving like hot fullness of my shaft, the salty ocean of her p**** in my face as I covered the mound with my mouth, curling the tongue inside her. My teeth bit at her softness because of wild thrusts she made taking me in her tight ass, sucking squirting drops of her p**** as my c*** grew with the passing c** filling her.

This was my first experience of self suck with a woman. I cannot say they have all been this good, but just once like this was worth all the effort.


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I’ve always been really flexible, even when I was a youngster. I was very athletic growing up and have stayed in shape all my life. When I hit 13 and my hormones started to kick in, all I could think about was fucking girls, and masturbation was a two or three times a day thing for me.

It’s funny how sexually volatile teenage boys can be; it’s almost a painful thing since they find themselves horny all the time with no one willing to satisfy their desperate urges.

Anyway, after a year or so of constant jerking off and fantasizing about just about any female that crossed my path, I finally realized that without really straining, I could lick the end of my stiff prick. That was a revelation.

I’d always been especially fascinated by my erect dick and liked to watch how the skin moved under my fingers and the seeping crystal clear pre-cum peeking out of the slit in the end of my prick. Needless to say, watching my cum erupting out into the open was the ultimate for me.

Because I liked to watch my dick in its varied levels or readiness and because I was so flexible, I would sometimes get cum in the face when I blasted off. At first it just surprised me when that happened, but when it happened a few more times I started to try and shoot my cum at my mouth. I got pretty good at that.

Then one afternoon, after school when I’d stripped down and was jacking off in the bathroom, I took the obvious nest step. I was so scrunched over that I could almost touch my prick with my nose, when suddenly it occurred to me that if I wanted to I could probably touch my prick to my lips.

One thing lead to another and I soon had my lips wrapped around the head of my dick and inserted in my mouth by a couple of inches. The sensations were wild and it was less than a minute before I was jetting cum into the back of my mouth.

Well, you can imagine how that affected me. After all, I don’t think there are any guys out there who haven’t at least tasted their own cum a few times. It was such a wild thing to convulse and shoot my cum into my own mouth like that, I swallowed it too, just because I could.

After that afternoon, I pretty much sucked myself all the time. I’d do it in bed at night and in the bathroom. When I got older and could drive, I’d park in a supermarket parking lot and suck myself off while people were walking around out there. I never got caught doing that.

Then one day, I was on a camping trip with some friends when I got the urge to go out into the forest and suck myself off. There was this pretty girl I had the hots for and she was making me horny just looking at her all the time. So that’s what I did, I just drifted away and found a secluded spot and stripped my pants off and went to town on my prick.

Just as I came in my mouth I heard a gasp! I couldn’t stop, I was too far along and was orgasming, and totally helpless to stop for a moment or two.

Then with my own cum still dripping from my lips I looked up into the pretty blue eyes of that pretty girl, who apparently had followed me out into the woods. I was mortified and she could see how embarrassed I was. But to my great surprise instead of ridiculing me she walked up to me and knelt down in front of me and took my prick in her hands and began to bob her mouth over my still stiff wet prick.

I was in heaven, finally another human being was doing for me what I’d only done for myself up until then. But if the truth be known I could give myself better head than she could, but that night when we fucked in our zipped together sleeping bags, well, that was better than sucking myself, a lot better.

My girlfriend ended up becoming my wife and she loves watching me suck myself. She says it makes her horny watching a man sucking his own prick. She’s taken hundreds of pictures of me doing it, and I posted one that I like best with this story.

I think I’m probably the best cocksucker in the world, or one of the best anyway. Think about it. Even gay guys who suck cock, don’t suck their own, so they only know what it feels like to get sucked and be sucked at the same time. That gives me a special insight.

My wife wants me to suck another guy and to see his response to my talents, but I’m not too sure about that. After all, I don’t mind sucking my own prick, but I’m not really queer and I don’t think I’d have the guts to do it to another guy.


I had a friend at my dance school when I was in HS who could suck his own dick. He was also a total exhibitionist, so he would parade around naked, any chance he got, in the locker rooms at school and dressing rooms at performances. Things are pretty lose backstage and in dressing rooms because everyone is in a hurry to make costume changes, but he was always finding reasons to be naked. Sometimes he would have an erection bobbing around in front of him.

One day one of the more prudish dancers made a joke about how proud he was of his “birthday suit”. Scott just smiled and bent down and kissed the head of his own dick. The prude blushed and made some comment about how gross it was. Everybody else clapped, cheered and laughed.

Somebody shouted you can do better than that.

Scott bent over and bobbed up and down on about half of his six or seven inch boner a few times. when he stood up there was a string of pre-cum and saliva from his lips to his penis. He wiped it away and said – I’ll finish that later.

Everyone was so stunned no one said anything for a few seconds. Finally somebody said do it now. A chant started – suck it, suck it!

Scott had an audience so he was thrilled to comply. He sat in a chair and sucked himself until he came in his own mouth.

He did it a couple more times in the dressing rooms and once on a trip to dance competition. He did himself in one of the hotel rooms to a huge bunch of spectators. A guy from another school had the largest penis anyone had ever seen but we had self sucking Scotty to represent from our school.



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Heather wrote:
<quoted text>
I had a bf in college who could do that. I remember the second time we has sex, he was kneeling on the bed and I was kneeling in front of him giving him a bj. All of the sudden i felt him kissing my face, and then his lip and tongue were right next to mouth. I pulled my mouth off his dick and just held it for him, and it seemed like it was real easy for him bend over and lick it himself. I ended up squeezing it really tight at the base and he was sucking half of in his mouth himself. I was totally amazed. I didn’t think a guy could do that. I didn’t realize I would think it was a turn-on, but I did totally. We used to take turns sucking it all the time, but he never wanted to cum in his own mouth. I didn’t like in my mouth either, so I don’t blame

wow that is a turn on!! but i would have taken it in my mouth i love swallowing!

lady in the fast lane


i’m a girl but i’ve got an online friend, a guy in his 40s, that measures 6 inches I think. Anyway he’s told me over and over about him self-sucking. So one day I told him I wanted to see and he got on cam. He bent his head down and started sucking. He got his whole head in his mouth, and was stroking with both hands. Before long, sure enough, he came and it was oozing out of his lips still wrapped around his head. It was the most mind-bowing thing I’ve ever seen.


tinkerthethinker wrote:
i used to do it all the time but hurt my neck very badly several times so quit. i always had the fantasy of demonstrating it for a women or a group but never did. i did do it in front of my wife. actually she helped. but she thought is was gross and only did it for my benifit. i think most women think it is NOT a turn on. only a few

I think it is a HUUGE turn on. I don’t know or have seen anybody self suck themselves. I have always wanted to watch somebody do it !




Self sucking is so hot! OMG


Gets ME Wet wrote:
<quoted text>Why does it make you feel weird? I thought most all guys would love to do that if they could. It would be so hot to lay down together with a guy who can do this with our heads next to eachother both licking and sucking his head at the same time just like I lick and suck my own nipples along with a guy when he’s playing with my tits. Then when he shoots his sperm into both our mouths and faces at once it would be so hot licking it off eachother and savoring the taste while kissing.

hey have never told anyone this…i used to do that with my ex…we would lay side by side and lick and suck it together….and she’d make me shoot my sperm into my mouth and mouth…she’d make me swallow and we’d lick it up together


It all started when I was about 18 and I was masturbating a few times a day and I was still a virgin.  I was getting restless and horny and wanted to try something new.  I remembered back to when I was really young that I would try to bend over and put my penis in my mouth when I was really excited.  I took that idea and ran with it (of course, figuratively speaking as trying to run like that would be very strange to say the least.)  So after weeks of stretching I finally found a way to prop myself against my bed after doing a half-backwards somersault and bringing my 8″ cock to my face.  After trying for some time I was able to lick the head and after a longer time I was able to bring the head of my dick to my face.  It was great feeling the sensation from both sides but it wasn’t enough to make me climax.  I kept at it, stretching and doing the same position over and over.  I am certain that it must have looked very strange and for this reason, I only did it when I was home alone as having a family member come in to my room to see this would probably have scarred them for life!

Over weeks and weeks of stretching, trying this over and over again I was finally able to get my cock halfway in my mouth.  The sensation was amazing – feeling the throb of my cock through my cock and feel the sensation of that pulsing and throbbing on my tongue and lips.  I would suck it and tease my cock with my mouth and although that wasn’t enough, I would use my free hand to massage the lower part of my shaft and masturbate.  It was so erotic because I was actually getting some of the sensation of a blowjob and I was masturbating as well.  I could feel both sides of the equation.  I would do this many times, throbbing, bent over and feeding my turgid cock to my mouth.  I would erupt loads onto my face, sometimes into my mouth and I even swallowed because I was already so horny!  I would feel my cock twitch, swell and blow a load and I would feel so satisfied (although my neck would usually be sore from the contortions.)  I did this quite a few times and I loved it as I had found yet another way to get myself off on my own!  I never really had a girlfriend during high school because I was too shy or too nice so taking matters into my own hands (and mouth) had become a necessity.  Well, that and because with masturbation you can orgasm as when you want, as much as you want, as long as you want and whatever manner you want.  Hence the reasons I always loved masturbating and why I did it so often (and still do!)

One thing that was always interesting about it was that at that age I was always wondering if deep down, I was gay or at least bi.  Many had perceived me as being homosexual because of my personality (apparently I am a ‘pretty boy, well put together in terms of style and grooming and pretentious – but not in a bad way.’  In short, despite sucking my own dick and swallowing numerous loads of my own semen, I simply asked myself this question:  “Are you sexually attracted to men?”  My answer was no and never had been.  Simple as that.

I had to move away to college soon and thus the days of privacy were gone and with them, my flexibility went as well…    I figured I was unable to do what I had done in the past ever again.  I never wanted to do it with another man or anything like that, just myself, but I figured that act was going to be in my annals of history forever.

Flash forward to a time where I am now 33, living in a foreign country with three other roommates and a whole new lifestyle.  The man inside still is restless, horny as he always had been and always looking for new ways to find satisfaction.  I recently joined a gym and I have been going to it about 3 times a week.  In the gym regimen I stretch before and after each workout as a cool down exercise.  One night, during a two-hour long masturbation session at about midnight, I was curious if I could suck my cock again since the last time I tried to do it I was easily 3 inches away from the head.  Last week I tried it and I could lick the head of my cock once again.  I twirled the head around with my tongue and felt the tingle of excitement in my stomach as well as in my balls at the same time as I did it.  I licked the precum off the head of my cock and thought … “I need to stretch more …!”


literotica self suck


Paul C.: Hi Joe, if anyone is serious about learning how to self suck, they really need your book. The section ouro, on stretching and release is the best. it has helped me greatly. Getting to the place where you can suck yourself to orgasm without effort js heaven. Then there is the joy of being able to swallow your cum, that I really enjoy! Thanks again for a really great book. P.S. We can not forget the health benefits.

M.C.: Your eBook for how to self suck is great, its simple and to the point. The information and exercises you researched are workable and make sense. So far, after doing your protocol, I can reach slightly past the head of my penis.

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