Self Suck Tips

  1. You do not need any significant length of size. 3-4 inches is just as capable as anyone else.
  2. You can get to an enjoyable experience of self suck within a few weeks of following the steps in the manual.
  3. It helps a lot to already be in good physical health, and not very overweight.
  4. This can replace a lot of physical exercise, and be a lot more enjoyable and motivating. However, it should not replace all of your physical exercise.
  5. If you can find someone to motivate you or inspire you, that can help a lot.

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  1. This can be an amazing way to stay satisfied if you are committed to someone, and they are a way for lengthy periods.
  2. It is very easy to have great fantasies while doing this, because it’s far better than just your hand. And you get to have the experience of giving and receiving.
  3. Great nutrition can have you on your way much quicker. You can find on the nutrition page. Pain should never be ignored when doing this. A key point is that this experience and exercise is about bodily awareness, and will make the experience satisfying for you much more quickly.
  4. Being overweight can slow the process. Being obese is not recommended at all. However, keeping the idea of doing this as a motivation to get in better health can be a great experience.

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 Self Sucking is intense; as you are feeling yourself do it, rebelling beyond fears, this makes a hell of a rush that I promise you’ve never experienced with anyone!


Paul C.: Hi Joe, if anyone is serious about learning how to self suck, they really need your book. The section ouro, on stretching and release is the best. it has helped me greatly. Getting to the place where you can suck yourself to orgasm without effort js heaven. Then there is the joy of being able to swallow your cum, that I really enjoy! Thanks again for a really great book. P.S. We can not forget the health benefits.

M.C.: Your eBook for how to self suck is great, its simple and to the point. The information and exercises you researched are workable and make sense. So far, after doing your protocol, I can reach slightly past the head of my penis.

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