The Selfsuck How To: Why?

What’s so great about this anyway?

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Confidence attracts. Sexual self-fulfillment can give you the edge to be daring & confident.

Confidence: This is the number one attractive quality that women always mention. This basically means being able to own up to who you really are, against any challenge. Remember a situation where a woman was withholding or challenging sexuality that left you wussed out? It went wrong because she was able to test your confidence in a way that made you unsure (not confident). Now, can you imagine the same situation, but now have a thought that says “You are completely able to take fulfill yourself?” When I had become capable to selfsuck, when a woman tried to sexually test me, a knowing smile or sly grin would be on my face. By being able to look a woman in the eyes, and know that you don’t need what she’s withholding, you’ll be less distracted and able to pay attention to what really matters to you. You will better know what you want, and that’s enormously attractive, because that’s confidence.

Physicality: Your body will be in much better physical condition because of the intense physical exercise of autofellating. So by holding yourself better, with better posture and form, will instantly be more appealing. You doing this will give you better muscle tone and a more optimal weight, which gives much more confidence.

Attractiveness: Your body will be in great condition, you’ll weigh less, your posture will be better, you’ll have certainty about your sexuality, and all this and more will compound to make you much more attractive.

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Your sexual Openness can get her to open up where you and she both thought she never would.

Vitality: By being in a more peak physical condition, you’ll have more stamina and power. Your body will hold up to a woman’s desire more. You’ll know how to take care of yourself so you won’t be needy, instead being able to stand tall & let her come to you, which will make sexuality & the entire relationship much stronger.

Confidence with Self: Knowing you’re more self-sufficient can reduce tons of stress about relationships/gf/picking up girls. Having more sexual power by finding your boundaries makes you more confident. Being unafraid of a girl withholding sex makes you certain and unwavering.

Confidence with Women: Imagine the frustration when with your girlfriend/potential gf, when things get annoying or going bad, and the sexual frustration you know is coming from the rejection or breakup. Now, imagine being able to play it much cooler, as instead of sexual frustration, you just have a sly smile of knowingness that you can take care of yourself in a fulfilling way. Make sense? Your confidence can leap massively by just feeling that you don’t need that girl, and relax, and she will see it and be even more attracted to you (w/out knowing why.) No need to rely on your woman & selling yourself out just because she threatens to withhold sex.

Motivation: If you like to masturbate, than combining it with autofellatio can enhance the experience, By Far. A few early experiences of this gave me the motivation needed to work with bodily changes enough to reach a much greater level of enjoyment than masturbation.

Health: Every part of the autofellatio experience is targeted towards bodily and mental health. But being able to better understand your own sexuality, and performed an actual desires all you have, you will be more healthy. By working towards naturally allowing your body to do this, your body will be in better physical good condition than before. If you want to be more healthy , most exercise routines are boring and dull, but working towards giving yourself massive pleasure will get you through any routine in this Manual.

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Sensuality: When people first start masturbating, they realize they’re getting to know what things feel like. Most women can’t ever orgasm until they do it themselves. Autofellatio is another measure of that, where you are involving more of yourself and paying more attention to yourself. This will help you be a better lover by refining your sensitivities and helping you know more of what you want. You’ll know what her experience is when she’s going down on you, and how to help her do what you want, instead of hurting her or pounding away in a way that she’ll never suck you again.

Self desire: Another attractive trait is to believe in your own desirability. By getting to know your body better, you’ll have more confidence in believing that someone else will want you. You won’t be stressed out wondering whether a woman is enjoying sucking you, you might even just realize how much they like it and know how much they desire to do it for you! You might end up getting many more bj’s from just that alone!

Self belief: Physically, it takes as much concentration and focus as a strenuous sport, and once you finally achieve it could be the equivalent of winning a game you thought was stacked far against you. Reaching any goal enhances your belief in yourself. But most people think autofellatio is impossible, so by reaching this goal, even to a minimal degree, may do much more for your self belief than you can see right now. It can definitely be a fun secret to have for yourself, a secret accomplishment that you just get to smile about with yourself. Especially when your friends are whining about wanting or missing a girlfriend.

Sexual Openness: By participating more openly in your desires, even with just yourself, any lover that you have will be able to feel this. Because you’ll be more open and accepting about yourself, you will be more open and accepting to them. One of the foremost experts on male attractiveness and sexuality says that your sexual openness deeply affects your attractiveness. One foremost expert on relationship enhancement says that acceptance is one of the most deeply coveted virtues in a lover. Your woman will be able to open up because you’ll know yourself better, and know what she can do for you.

Women’s Response: I have had experience with two female lovers who both participated with me in autofellatio. Though technically, it might not be called that if someone is assisting you (because the term “Auto” means to do it by yourself) Both of these women had interested, excited reactions. One stated “I love it. By you doing that, I get to see what you like so that I can learn to do it.” Another said “That was one of the most intense experiences that I’ve had with you. It is a huge turn on that you were that open with me, and makes me feel like I can share myself more.” Of course, this means that bedroom time gets a lot more naughty, and unexpected fun things happen, and she feels comfortable to open up in unexpected ways. (Like, the girl in the first quote went from hating the idea of anal sex, to now asking for some anal penetration most of the time from me.)

Guiltless: Just like the first time we masturbated, there was a sense of doing something wrong, but most of us get over it the more we learn about it. The same process happens with autofellatio. You might even be able to tell a girl one day who lights up & becomes jealously attracted that you can take care of yourself this way. How many girls do you think have become guiltless about the cucumber they had to throw away after a horny day with no toys around? Far, far more than you think. That is what this Manual is for.

Get the “SelfSuck How To” Manual here

BTW: If I had “The MANual” when I first tried this, it would have been enjoyable for me 10 times earlier. So now you have this Manual, follow it. Get your goal quicker, easier, safer, with more fun, and most importantly without hurting yourself.



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Paul C.: Hi Joe, if anyone is serious about learning how to self suck, they really need your book. The section ouro, on stretching and release is the best. it has helped me greatly. Getting to the place where you can suck yourself to orgasm without effort js heaven. Then there is the joy of being able to swallow your cum, that I really enjoy! Thanks again for a really great book. P.S. We can not forget the health benefits.

M.C.: Your eBook for how to self suck is great, its simple and to the point. The information and exercises you researched are workable and make sense. So far, after doing your protocol, I can reach slightly past the head of my penis.

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