Giving myself head –

Instructions by “Grigore” from another site:

1. Self Blowjob

Exercises to gain the necessary mobility:


First,you must stretch yourself in these positions every day for a week.
After a week,you will find out in which position you are the closest to your dick.
After that,you must stick with your chosen position and try to give your penis a lick.
If you don’t yet succeed,remember,practice is all you need!

Also,put your hands behind your legs and push on them so you can force yourself a bit and get much closer to your cock.

2. Self Fuck

There are 2 important methods here.

1. Twist your balls so much that your dick is now under your balls and your balls are where your dick should be and stretch your cock towards your asshole as much you can until you will eventually reach it.
2. Find the gap between your balls and press your dick on that gap while getting closer and closer to your asshole by stretching your cock.

try both and see which one suits you the best and practice until you can do it.
you need to be semi-erect when you try it in order to be able to stretch your dick.

Position 2 consists in lying on your back,with your feet in the air.


1.When you self fuck,you get 2 types of orgasm:dick orgasm and prostate orgasm(you can have multiple prostate orgasm)
Also,you can have those 2 orgasms simultaneous,from personal experience,there is no woman that can give you as much pleasure as YOU can give to yourself.
If having a normal orgasm is nice,a double orgasm makes you feel like you’re in heaven.
2.You don’t need to confront women and their problems,you don’t need to listen to their bullshit anymore.
3.You don’t need to pay a dinner for two,the only person you need to pay anything for is yourself.
4.You won’t have anymore fights,you won’t need to jack off when she’s on her period.
5.You are free to do it whenever you want.
6.You don’t need to look good,as long as you accept yourself and practice the exercises mentioned above,you can satisfy yourself whenever you want better than a women.
7.There is no more fear of rejection.
8.You can’t break up with yourself.
9.You are much more independent and confident,you will no longer need to beg and please everyone else to receive what you want.
10.Doing this involves much less work than the work and social skills that are involved in making a woman fall in love.

Just think about this,think for a minute so you will become conscious of the incredible advantages.
If all men knew about this,we would need women only occasionally.


Paul C.: Hi Joe, if anyone is serious about learning how to self suck, they really need your book. The section ouro, on stretching and release is the best. it has helped me greatly. Getting to the place where you can suck yourself to orgasm without effort js heaven. Then there is the joy of being able to swallow your cum, that I really enjoy! Thanks again for a really great book. P.S. We can not forget the health benefits.

M.C.: Your eBook for how to self suck is great, its simple and to the point. The information and exercises you researched are workable and make sense. So far, after doing your protocol, I can reach slightly past the head of my penis.

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